DOCC Implements New Safety Footwear Program

Aug. 31, 2015

Dave Osborne Construction Contracting is pleased to announce the implementation of a new safety boot program. The safety footwear initiative launched in summer, 2015, and was issued to all full-time field technicians, office employees, administrative and warehouse staff.

DOCC partnered with Red Wing Shoes; an industry leader in safety footwear, work wear, and safety standards. The footwear specifically selected met criteria set forth for the fixture installation, carpentry, and millwork projects DOCC specializes in.

DOCC's Safety Coordinator Dave Esguerra was very pleased with the adoption and routine use of the new footwear as part of the enhanced safety programs that are underway. "Every aspect of safety is important on a jobsite. Equipping our techs with the proper footwear for the job is essential to maintaining a safe work environment. Preventing slips and falls, and near misses is a key focus this year" said Esguerra.

Additional updates on the enhanced safety programs at Dave Osborne Construction Contracting are expected.